The "clean your guts" pack

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So, I have cleaned a lot of computers in my life, so I'd say I'm somewhat experienced(sometimes lazy). Here is a pack of goodies that you can use to make your dusty dust bucket shine again.

Pack includes

  • Cable ties*
  • Alcohol wipes*
  • Thermal paste*
  • Liquid metal*
  • 2x 5.25" to 3.5/2.5 drive bay converters
  • 4x strips of thermal pads
  • 4x 12x12cm dust filters
  • 2x 8x8cm dust filters
  • 2x 14x14cm dust filters
  • 1x 12x24cm dust filter
  • 1x phillips head screw driver (the one like an X if you didn't know)
  • A random bonus item

The items marked with an asterix are enough to clean at least 3 PCs.